Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mein Land


One of the questions I've been asking myself for the past decade or so is an ominous one:

Given Europe's 2000-year history of dealing with internal population transformations, migrations and discontent, should we be worrying about a pogrom? Or should we be worrying about a civil war?

The difference, I suspect, will have a lot to do with critical mass; and the warning signs - if history, again, is any guide - will likely be things that will be easy to see in retrospect, but almost impossible to detect in advance.

Almost impossible.  I use that word advisedly, because every now and then, you get a hint.

Here's one:

You're all big, innerwebz-savvy kids, so you can go look up the song and its lyrics, and their translation, all on your own.

What you should really do, though, is watch the video.  It's goofy, funky...and absolutely terrifying.

Yeah, okay - so that's not surprising for Rammstein.  But listen to the lyrics, watch the video - especially the last quarter or so - and then ask yourself the above question one more time:

Pogrom?  Or civil war?  Once you've got an answer, you can decide how to prepare. 

Happy happy fun time?  Or ammo and canned goods?

Your call.