Friday, July 27, 2012


Anthony Watts of the incomparable science and climate blog Watt's Up With That has posted a genuine attention-grabber of a message:


Something’s happened.

From now until Sunday July 29th, around Noon PST, WUWT will be suspending publishing. At that time, there will be a major announcement that I’m sure will attract a broad global interest due to its controversial and unprecedented nature.

To give you an idea as to the magnitude of this event, I’m suspending my vacation plans. I weighed the issue, and decided (much to my dismay) this was more important. I can go on vacation trips another time, but this announcement is not something I can miss now and do later.

Media outlets be sure to check in to WUWT on Sunday around 12PM PST and check your emails.

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Comments are closed, and I will not be responding to emails until Sunday.

Thank you for your consideration and patience – Anthony Watts


Over the years, Anthony's site has been an indispensable source for unbiased scientific information over a surprising broad range of topics.  It's a daily read for me. I hope whatever this is helps to justify all of the incredibly hard work he's put into WUWT.

Now I can't wait for Sunday!