Friday, April 6, 2012

Global Warming - Brainwashing your kids


My son came home from school today with a completed science project - a classical warmist diatribe against all the evils of modern technology.  I'll be sending it back to school with a sternly worded letter to the principal, the Board, and the Minister of Education of Ontario.

I'm also going to send a copy of a paper that I wrote exactly 3 years ago.  Among its conclusions and predictions were:

- that sea levels would continue not to rise;
- that average global temperatures would continue to decline;
- that there would be no more empirical evidence supporting the thesis that carbon dioxide, let alone the tiny proportion of atmospheric carbon dioxide attributable to human activities, is the "key driver" in global temperature;
- that there would be much more evidence supporting the role of the Sun as the key driver (likely via the Svensmark hypothesis positing low-cloud nucleation by galactic cosmic rays);
- that declining solar activity would lead to a period of cooling;
- that we would have more evidence than ever of the strong link between energy consumption and the economic health of industrialized societies; and,
- that carbon trading would collapse.

Even though this paper was never published (despite having passed peer-review by half a dozen of my colleagues), I'm rather gratified that all of my predictions have been borne out by time.  Well...gratified and terrified, you might say, because if we really are in for a prolonged period of cooling, then we Canadians had better get the oil sands producing fast, because we're going to have to start buying grain instead of growing it.

Anyway, I'll be putting the paper up, chapter by chapter.  Enjoy.